El Nido Resorts’s Miniloc undergoes improvements

MINILOC Island Resort, one of the four private islands of El Nido Resorts in Northern Palawan, has become a key destination for some parents, who believe travel is essential to their kids’ education.

Now temporarily closed until December 2018 for renovations to upgrade facilities, the iconic resort within highly diversified Bacuit Bay has become the ideal setting for lessons in marine life and in the unique flora and fauna of this part of the Philippines that was adjoined to the Asian mainland millions of years ago.

Some of these guests of various nationalities have been coming two or three times a year with their children for some time now to immerse themselves in nature and island living, according to Joey Bernardino, El Nido Resorts Group director of sales and marketing. Thus, they and other visitors who enjoy the warm and homey ambience of Miniloc look forward to experiencing improvements in the resort’s 51 rooms, and further enhancements of the clubhouse which will retain its rustic features.

Miniloc will reopen before the year ends, sporting a lighter, more streamlined look characterized by eggshell-white walls, capiz panels, windows framed in gray and tiled or walnut wood floors. Its structures will maintain their signature cogon roof and the use of natural materials to differentiate this family-oriented resort from the other three in the group, namely, the luxurious Pangulasian, Lagen and Apulit that each has its own interpretation of the tropical plantation theme.

Nevertheless, Miniloc’s fine sand beach within a quiet cove in a protected bay will remain its focal point. Beachfront facilities will soon include a pool suitable for guests of all ages, which Bernardino explained will not detract from a key attraction of the island resort—the twice-a-day feeding of the resident silver jacks supervised by El Nido guides.

The guides, who regularly undergo nature interpretation courses, are trained to make guests—even very young ones—appreciate their unique surroundings and at the same time ensure their safety. They encourage visitors to swim with the jacks and also accompany them on island-hopping tours, kayaking, star gazing and other ecotours that are part of the room rate.

They may also engage guests with leaf origami, hat weaving and other island crafts. Snorkeling is particularly memorable at Miniloc as the guides patiently point out the various species of fish and corral. They are informative at the same time assuring. Even adults who don’t know how to swim have been enticed by the guides to try snorkeling for the first time, Bernardino proudly pointed out.

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