Taraw Cliff El Nido

If, after some days in El Nido spent island hopping, sunbathing, snorkeling or doing other “sea” activities, you want to try something different and you are not scared of climbing a steep cliff, we suggest you to climb the Mount Taraw, known also as Taraw Cliff.

Mount Taraw is the highest point of El Nido and it’s lcated in the north-west part of Palawan island

The climb is not for everyone, it’s certainly a difficult climb, and can be dangerous because of the steepness of the cliff, but it’s a rewarding experience, as from the top of the cliff you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Bacuit Bay.

We recommend hiring a guide. They are not exepensive (300 – 500 PHP per person) and can be really useful. It would be hard to reach the peak without a guide, as there is no clear path to the top. Beside that, if something happens, is better to have someone near you!

If you plan to climb Mount Taraw, consider doing it early in the morning. so you can avoid the heat. A good time to start the climb is at 7 AM, or even earlier!

The climb takes about 1 hour to go up, and a couple of hours to go down.

If it’s raining you should postpone your climb. The limestome rocks can get very slippery, making the climb too dangerous.

If you want to have a beautiful view on the bay, but you don’t feel comfortable enough to climb to the top of Mount Taraw, you can use the “safe way” which is the Ferrata Nature’s stairs and bridge. You will not reach the top of the peak, but you will get an amazing view of the bay.
You can find more information here: http://caalanbeachresort.com/2016/02/17/hiking-taraw-cliff-the-safe-way/

You can book your guide to the Taraw Cliff also through our website, contacting us.